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It's Pretty Trivial All Round


Officers' Mess - War Drawings by Muirhead Bone
Officers' Mess - War Drawings by Muirhead Bone © IWM (Art. IWM REPRO 000684 5)

What is this Website About?

This website is my commentary on trivial topics and serves as a private learning vehicle and testbed for my web design tools and ideas. The website's appearance and style may vary as I continue to experiment with its layout.

What It Is Not About

In line with the British Army's code of conduct for junior officers engaging in polite conversation, this site avoids any mention of sex, religion, or politics. The aim is to provide a balanced, apolitical platform that anyone can enjoy without fear of bias.

Who is it for?

Although primarily for personal use, this site also connects me with friends, family, and colleagues across three continents who don't use mainstream social media.

What's With "Ye Wee Blogger"

The website's reference to 'The Ye Wee Blogger' is a nod to my Scots Ma, who used to call me 'ye wee blogger' whenever I did something she didn't like.


Finally, the website was built using the Processwire Content Management System and Tailwind CSS, with fonts provided by Adobe Fonts and icons rented from Font Awesome. All content, including images, are mine unless otherwise stated. For most of the text, I used Grammarly to polish my style, spelling, punctuation and syntax. More recently, I tried out ChatGPT to improve sections of text; From the Home Page, for instance:

Welcome to my experimental platform! Here, I delve into web design tools and ideas, using this site as a learning vehicle and testbed. I strive to create an eye-catching aesthetic with changing appearances, names, and URLs. Please note this site does not touch upon controversial topics such as sex, religion, or politics. The personal blog, however, keeps me in touch with friends and family across three continents. So not only can I satisfy my creative curiosity, but I also manage to stay connected all at once!

- ChatGPT and me.

 Ye Wee Blogger

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