About this Blog

Officers’ Mess — War Draw­ings by Muir­head Bone © IWM (Art.IWM REPRO 000684 5)

So, what is this about ?

It’s my take or commentary on unsubstantial matters. The site is a personal learning vehicle and test bed for web design tools and ideas. For instance, the hero image on this page was an exercise in using the Imperial War Museum’s protocols to show an image from their superb collection. So the look and style of the site will change from time to time and there may be an unfinished quality to it all.

What it's not about

Before, during and likely after my time, junior officers in the British Army were commanded not to discuss sex, religion or politics in the Mess. Nor were they to discuss a lady by name. Such restraint was said to contribute to polite and convivial conversation. On the whole, it did. Just look at the characters in Muirhead Bone's drawing.

As a result, I dislike more and more the polarizing agenda-driven nature of so much of the material delivered online on these subjects. It is unfailingly bereft of balance. Nobody I care about can be bothered with it either.

So, in the finest tradition, no sex, religion or politics here. Dull? Certainly, but there is plenty of it elsewhere on the net.

Who is it for ?

It’s for me, mostly. It’s good at helping me keep in touch with friends, colleagues and family spread around three continents. Many of them don’t use Twitter, Google+, Skype et al and so I can kill two birds with one stone.

What’s with “the Ye Wee Blogger”?

My Scots Ma called me "a wee blogger" or similar when I did something of which she disapproved, so that was often. I was probably well into my thirties before she stopped doing it.


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