Holidays in Maine

Published: 20 January 2012

We like being in Maine very much, quite the most sensible dog laws in the country and wonderful walks. It takes us a day to drive up there from where we live and requires finding a good way through New York which lies astride most sensible routes.

In many places, private landowners allow public access to walking trails on their property and turn their management over to a Trust. The Boothbay Region Land Trust is particularly well organised and managed and has over 30 miles of walking and hiking trails through some stunning landscapes. We have enjoyed many hours on them with our Vizslas. We do like being able to exercise the dogs off-leash legally. We have them trained to come in quickly to be leashed up when we, or more often they, see someone approaching on the trail. They respond to voice commands and more sharply to a whistle (Acme Thunderer type) blast.

These images come from two trips there, the first to Boothbay and the second a little farther East to Rackliffe Island (not too far from Rockland and Rockport).

Wouldn't necessarily like to spend a winter that far north these days though.